Product News: New Perfinity Workstation Automates Protein Sample Preparation

23 Mar 2011

Scientists know that the most important part of mass spec analysis is the preceding separation steps. That is why Perfinity integrated their proprietary automation and column technologies into Shimadzu instrumentation, resulting in the Perfinity Workstation, a multicolumn apparatus that automates protein separations and mass spec sample preparation for more efficient LC-MS analysis.

The Perfinity Workstation is powered by Shimadzu hardware components that work in conjunction with five Perfinity Optimized Columns. Each column performs a step of the mass spec sample preparation process — affinity selection, buffer exchange, digestion, desalting and reverse-phase separation. The automated integration of these steps enables users to start with serum and have peptides ready for LC-MS analysis in as little as 10 minutes. The automated process removes much of the equipment and labor associated with mass spec analyses of proteins.

The Perfinity Workstation combines the selectivity of antibodies with the resolving power of chromatography. Buffer exchange and desalting are performed on-line. The reduction in sample processing time enables users to screen a variety of conditions rapidly.

The major advantage of the Perfinity Workstation’s sample preparation approach is that users are not required to immobilize antibodies. Instead, scientists can add antibodies directly to the sample. By removing the immobilization process, users have eliminated a potential source of error, making LC-MS analysis with Perfinity Workstation more accurate and reliable.

This platform is customizable across application areas, including assay development, protein purification, drug development and biomarker discovery. For example, methods built into the workstation automate core steps of assay development, limiting the amount of protocol optimization required.