Product News: SeraCare Launches New Infectious Disease Panels for Clinical Diagnostic Use

03 Feb 2012

SeraCare Life Sciences has announced the launch of five new infectious disease panels for parvovirus B19, HIV, HBV, HAV and CMV markers. The panels are available for use in hospitals and clinical reference laboratories:

Parvovirus B19 Mixed Titer Performance Panel (PVP201) is the world’s first commercially available performance panel for Parvovirus B19 markers with naturally occurring plasma samples. Designed to help diagnostic manufacturers, clinical laboratories and plasma fractionators evaluate their parvovirus assays, the panel contains 21 samples characterized for multiple IgM and IgG assays as well as B19 DNA, a marker used to screen plasma collected for fractionation.

HIV Genotype Performance Panel (PRD201) provides researchers with a diverse set of samples, both geographically and in terms of genotypes: eight of the nine panel members are HIV positive, representing eight different HIV-1 genotypes from seven countries. Made from cultured virus diluted in defibrinated plasma, this unique panel is designed to help researchers, manufacturers and labs develop, evaluate and troubleshoot a variety of HIV assays, including those for HIV RNA and the newest screening tests for combined HIV antigen and antibody.

Worldwide HBV DNA Performance Panel (WWHD301) marks the addition of a worldwide Hepatitis B panel to SeraCare’s panel offerings. The 20-member panel includes samples from 10 countries with HBV genotypes ranging from A through H. SeraCare delivers the broadest range of data available for a panel of this kind, with information on genotype, drug resistance mutations and test results for, HBV DNA, HBsAg and HBeAg.

Anti-Hepatitis A Virus Mixed Titer Performance Panel (PHT202) offers customers a 21-member panel that includes members positive for IgG and IgM, contains specimens collected from 2000 to 2010, and represents a diverse range of HAV reactivities (from low to medium to high). Data are available for both new and established test methods, providing greater applicability across a broad range of laboratory and research settings.

Anti-CMV (Cytomegalovirus) Mixed Titer Performance Panel (PTC203) available exclusively from SeraCare, provides 21 naturally occurring panel members with data from twelve commercially available anti-CMV assays. It also features a detailed graphical representation of test member results, making it easier than ever to find and utilize relevant data.

“SeraCare constantly tracks market trends so we can successfully meet our customers’ needs today and anticipate their requirements for tomorrow,” said Chris Long, associate product manager at SeraCare Life Sciences. “Our decision to develop the first performance panel for parvovirus B19 was fueled by the recent release of two new clinical test platforms for B19 DNA, with more currently under development by leading manufacturers. Our ability to identify, develop and release new products efficiently helps to get rare and valuable validation and control materials into our customers’ hands so they can get their new assays up and running.”