Product News: SeraCare Introduces New Seroconversion Panels for Hepatitis B and HIV

05 Apr 2013

SeraCare Life Sciences, a portfolio company of Linden Capital Partners serving the in vitro diagnostics and clinical laboratory markets, today announced it has launched three new seroconversion panels that provide difficult-to-find patient samples for Hepatitis B and HIV. The company’s newest offerings expand its robust line of seroconversion panels focusing on infectious disease.

“SeraCare recognizes the challenges our customers face in testing their assays rigorously while meeting complex and evolving regulatory requirements,” said John Wyatt, Director, Research Business Unit at SeraCare. “To provide our customers with the most innovative solutions, SeraCare continually enhances our infectious disease panels to deliver the unique patient samples they need to thoroughly challenge their assays.” The company’s unrivaled global sourcing network places it in a unique position to find and source these distinct patient samples.

SeraCare’s three new seroconversion panels have been tested on today’s market-leading assays. Each panel represents a single donor and demonstrates how that donor’s blood converts in the presence of the disease during the sample collection period, presenting a unique challenge to the assay Each product’s data sheet provides a graphical depiction of the donor’s seroconversion, along with comparative data that enables customers to review their test results against the results of other industry assays.

HBV Seroconversion Panel (PHM938) comprises six undiluted plasma samples from a single donor drawn over a six-day period and is HBV DNA positive from the first bleed.

HBV Seroconversion Panel (PHM939) provides five undiluted plasma samples from a single donor drawn over a 21-day period and is also HBV DNA positive from the first bleed. These panels allow for challenging members for HBsAg assays and HBeAg assays, delivering results for both rapid and qualitative HBsAg methods.

HIV-1 Seroconversion Panel (PRB978) provides seven undiluted plasma samples from a single donor and is designed to challenge HIV RNA positive members on traditional antibody methods.

Designed to help maintain high standards for assay development, regulatory compliance and method development, SeraCare’s extensive line of seroconversion panels includes a variety of options for HIV, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and West Nile Virus. These panels help diagnostics manufacturers and clinical labs evaluate, monitor and troubleshoot assay performance. The panels are derived from undiluted samples from single donors after their exposure to an infectious disease and subsequent immune response.

SeraCare’s new HBV and HIV seroconversion panels are available immediately worldwide.