Product News: SeraCare Expands HCV and HTLV Performance Panel Offerings

29 Aug 2012

SeraCare Life Sciences, a global life sciences company providing vital products and services to facilitate the discovery, development and production of human diagnostics and therapeutics, has expanded its performance panel product offerings. SeraCare’s third Worldwide HCV RNA Performance Panel and eighth Anti-HTLV I/II Mixed Titer Performance Panel are the latest additions to its line of products designed to evaluate, challenge and troubleshoot assays for quality assurance.

“Our industry is constantly changing with the introduction of new assays and increasing demand for rigorously evaluated tests. SeraCare’s newest panel products showcase our innovation with the addition of recently collected, carefully characterized samples from diverse regions,” said Chris Long, associate product manager at SeraCare Life Sciences.

The Worldwide HCV RNA Performance Panel is the only commercially available panel of samples collected from HCV-infected individuals in regions around the world where less common HCV genotypes predominate. The panel includes samples of most of the known genotypes, including the hard-to-source genotypes 5 and 6. The Worldwide HCV RNA Performance Panel will assist diagnostics manufacturers and clinical labs in evaluating their HCV assays using well-characterized specimens of varied genotypes. The panel data sheet includes results for HCV genotype and RNA tests as well as anti-HCV using a variety of commercially available assays.

The SeraCare Anti-HTLV I/II Mixed Titer Performance Panel contains 21 undiluted, naturally occurring plasma samples collected from different individuals who tested positive for antibodies to Human T-Lymphotropic virus. With a range of reactivities from negative to strongly positive for anti-HTLV, the panel provides samples to challenge assays for anti-HTLV I, II or I/II and includes results from five anti-HTLV screening tests as well as three confirmatory methods. With this new addition to its performance panel line, SeraCare currently offers the only panel tested with the Avioq® HTLV assay, which was recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Worldwide HCV RNA Performance Panel and the Anti-HTLV I/II Mixed Titer Performance Panel are available for purchase immediately worldwide.