Product News: Special Editorial Feature – Brazil

01 Oct 2013

SelectScience is announcing a special editorial feature about Brazil: A two-month report on the innovative science, current challenges and future opportunities in this emerging market.

In recent years, Brazil has seen a boom in scientific research investment across many scientific disciplines, from Neuroscience to Biofuels. A series of recent announcements from the Brazilian government, the European Commission, and other organizations, puts Brazil firmly in the scientific spotlight.

“Brazil is an emerging scientific power and rapidly becoming a regional and international research leader.” II BRISPE 2012

“Brazil’s output has doubled in ten years to 2007, part of a long-term trend of growth that far exceeds established G7 economies. Relative to the rest of the world, Brazil has exceptional capacity in biology-based disciplines and research related to natural resources.” Thomson Reuters 2009

We are offering two month (October – November) sponsorship packages around this feature. You will be engaging with over 200,000 SelectScience members worldwide interested in this special report, as well as 15,000 scientists in Latin America, via video, content and other opportunities. We will be producing exclusive video interviews with key stakeholders at the Analitica meeting in Sao Paulo and leading institutions in Brazil, during an editorial tour commencing September 2013.