Product News: In the News this Week: Advancing Alzheimer’s Research, Novel Methods for Biofuel Production, Breast Cancer Risk Study, and More…

21 Feb 2014

Read this week’s top five stories about the latest scientific innovations:

Identifying the Best Microbes for Biofuel Production with AFM-IR
Anasys Instruments reports on the publication in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters demonstrating the use of AFM-IR used by French researchers to identify best microbes for biofuel production. The researchers conclude that their technique could greatly speed up the identification of microbes that could produce large amounts of bio-oil.

Precision-Guided Forensic Analysis of Highly Compromised Human Samples
Forensic scientists can now more quickly assess the quantity and quality of human DNA in highly compromised and degraded casework samples and provide the critical information needed to drive informed decisions on subsequent steps in the analysis process, thanks to two new DNA quantification solutions.

MammaPrint Test Validated for Long-Term Prediction of Breast Cancer Outcome
A newly published study concludes that the Agendia MammaPrint® breast cancer test can accurately stratify a woman's breast cancer risk for up to 25 years after she is first diagnosed with the disease.

New Quantitative ELISA for Alzheimer’s Disease Research
Enzo now offers a high sensitivity APP ΔC31 ELISA Kit; a one-of-a-kind quantitative ELISA for Alzheimer’s research. The ELISA kit enables sensitive identification and quantification of APP ΔC31, a novel APP cleavage fragment associated with Alzheimer’s disease, detecting as little as 0.92 pM of APP ΔC31 in human cell lysate and cerebral spinal fluid samples.

New Preclinical Imaging Center of Excellence for the Americas
Bruker recently announced the official opening of a new Preclinical Imaging Center of Excellence for the Americas in Billerica, Massachusetts. The facility offers advanced development, demonstration and support facilities for Bruker’s industry-leading portfolio of preclinical imaging instrumentation and multimodal platforms.