Product News: SSI Launches CryoFreeze® Range of Tubes, Racks and Accessories for Use in Cryogenic Preparation and Storage

31 Mar 2014

SSI, an American manufacturer of consumable plastics for laboratory researchers for over 23 years, has launched a comprehensive family of cryogenic storage products designed to provide researchers with consumables needed in the cryopreservation of tissue and cells.

The CryoFreeze® family of cryogenic tubes, racks, and accessories was created to provide users with safe and handy solutions for the cryogenic transportation and storage of biological material.

The CF Tubes are comprised of FDA-approved, medical grade polypropylene tubes and HDPE caps. Additionally, the tubes comply with the In Vitro Devices Directive (IVD). Tubes are packaged in resealable stand-up pouches that minimize the use of benchtop space. Contrasting black 100µL graduations on the tubes are easy to view, and researchers have found the prominent writing area to be very useful.

SSI offers internally threaded caps that maximize tube storage within racks and boxes, and also externally threaded caps which are ideal for aseptic technique, as they reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Sizes of the CryoFreeze® tubes range from 1.0 mL up to 4.5mL. Tubes are offered with self-standing stargrip bases or a round bottom design.

To round out the CF cryogenic portfolio of products, SSI offers colored cap inserts, polycarbonate storage racks and a unique workstation.

The CryoFreeze polycarbonate storage racks are offered in 5 colors, and produced in 25, 81 and 100-well configurations. The CryoFreeze GripRack™ is a ruggedly designed 40-well workstation. It features rubber no-slip grips on the base to hold securely on the benchtop. Ribs inside the wells of the rack enable tubes with stargrip bases to be easily opened or closed with one hand. An easy to read alphanumeric index on the rack makes for rapid sample identification.