Product News: New SafetySpace™ Filter Tips for Safer Pipetting and Better Accuracy

15 Sep 2009

Biohit has launched new SafetySpace™ Filter Tips with more space between the sample and the filter than conventional filter tips have today. With SafetySpace Filter Tips the user does not need to worry about the sample touching the filter whatever pipetting technique or type of liquid is used.

When using SafetySpace Filter Tips the user gets accurate and precise results even when dispensing foaming liquids like buffers and proteins. Unlike other filter tips on the market, SafetySpace Filter Tips are also suitable for reverse pipetting as well as multiple dispensing with electronic pipettes.

Biohit’s SafetySpace Filter Tips have been designed to meet high quality and purity demands. They are an ideal tool for any scientist and particularly in molecular biology, microbiology and cell culture applications, as well as radioactive work.

The SafetySpace Filter Tip range covers seven different sizes from 10 µl up to 1200 µl, packed in colour-coded single tray boxes. They are certified DNase, RNase and endotoxin free and are pre-sterilized. They are compatible with most pipette brands.

Biohit Tips are made of ecologically friendly polypropylene according to strict quality and environmental standards.

Safety makes the difference, also in your filter tips!