Product News: Sage-N Research Announces Enhancement to Sorcerer™ Platform

05 Oct 2012

Sage-N Research, Inc., the world leader in computational proteomics, has announced improvements in the SORCERER Platform. The latest SORCERER 2 configuration is now based on the Primergy® TX300-S7 tower server, including Intel's latest generation E5-2600 ("Sandy Bridge") series of processor. This transition by itself potentially provides a 30% or higher performance upgrade compared to the previous generation.

The server is also a more energy-efficient design, consuming less power and generating less heat, and furthermore offers more compute performance. And with 16 cores, vs the previous 8 cores, offers more simultaneous compute tasks to be completed.

David Chiang Chairman & CEO of Sage-N Research commented "The SORCERER has historically been known for its speed and reliability, and we are continuously looking for ways to improve the end user experience. The new hardware enhancements will help immensely with our GEMYNI™, twin-OS, multi-application platform for Life Science data analysis. With additional back-up and storage, this allows for greater system throughput and productivity, including more parallel searching in Sorcerer PE."