Product News: SOTAX to Exhibit SAM, A New HPLC On-line Solution to Secure the Analytical Workflow of Pharmaceutical Laboratories, at Pittcon 2013

28 Feb 2013

High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) has been and continues to be a workhorse of the pharmaceutical laboratory. Throughout the product life cycle from Pre-Formulation to Quality Control, dissolution and content uniformity/assay testing are some of the biggest sample sources for HPLC analysis. SOTAX, the leader in automated solutions for dissolution testing and automated sample prep, has developed a variety of “off-line” autosampler solutions over the decades. Off-line samples are withdrawn from our instruments, immediately filtered, and collected in a variety of formats. To further automate the analytical workflow and to avoid costly manual transfer mistakes, SOTAX is now pleased to announce the newest addition to its line of autosamplers: the SAM Sample Manager.

The SAM guarantees a seamless flow from dissolution samples to analytical results. Totally flexible and scalable, the system is available in three different capacities to connect to semi-automated single, double, and fully automated systems. The SAM acts as a transfer platform keeping samples protected and injecting them one by one into HPLC, all without any vial transfer. The system works with any HPLC with ready signal functionality, and it can be integrated with a variety of injection valves. SAM is driven by the WinSOTAXplus Advanced Dissolution Software, while the LC data is processed with the existing chromatography software. SAM will take care of the samples seamlessly from start to analytical finish.

Picture caption: The middle capacity SAM M (center) is pictured with the fully automated SOTAX AT 70smart BS60 (left) for up to 15 unattended lots of Apparatus 1 or 2 complete with media preparation and HPLC injection. SAM is available in three different capacities (S, M, L) for both semi and fully automated dissolution instruments.