Industry News: Electronic Laboratory Notebooks Conference in London, 28-29 January 2009

13 Oct 2008

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN) continues to replace paper-based systems for data recording, whilst improving efficiency, data manageability and increasing knowledge management (KM). Although integrating ELNs with other lab information systems on a central host has become an inherent challenge to improve knowledge sharing within an organization, the market has responded with many new solutions available, for those considering implementation or looking to improve their current IT system.

SMi’s 2nd annual Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN) Conference will take place at the Copthorne Tara Hotel in London, from 28 to 29 January 2009. Last year’s conference participants were senior representatives from e.g. Agilent, ALK Abello, Genentech, Omnichem and Symphogen A/S.

SMi’s 2nd annual conference on Electronic Laboratory Notebooks brings together some of the most qualified speakers in the industry, relating their experiences on implementation, as well as a comprehensive evaluation of the products and vendors available. In just 2 days, attendees will learn about improving knowledge sharing in the changing laboratory landscape, the crucial issue of streamlined transition, the future of the ELN market and the integration of social software, plus much more!

A crucial issue for ELN success is streamlined transition which will be expertly covered. The event is designed to boost interactivity and provide essential networking opportunities.

Delegates will hear keynote addresses from:
Rich Lysakowski, Director of R&D and Advisor, Collaborative Electronic Notebook Systems Association (CENSA),
Rob Dilman, Senior Quality Assurance, Eli Lilly,
Michael Braxenthaler, Research Informatics – Global Head Scientific Workflows, Roche. 

Delegates can also choose from two interactive workshops to jump-start the conference, on 27th January 2009:
(A) ‘Electronic Lab Notebooks for Life Science R&D’, in association with CENSA,
(B) ‘Lessons Learned in ELN implementations across Different Industries’, in association with Amphora.

Critical challenges addressed:
• USER REQUIREMENTS – Identify the right ELN and how to implement it successfully
• SOCIAL NETWORKING TOOLS – Assess the use of social software and their link with ELNs
• DATA SHARING & KM – Developing effective data storage systems and backups
• PATENTS & IP – Understanding ownership and complying with FDA regulations
• INTEGRATING ELNs with existing lab technology systems
• THE FUTURE OF ELNs – Analyzing the changing laboratory landscape

Who should attend SMi’s 2nd annual conference on Electronic Laboratory Notebooks?
Laboratory Managers, Scientists and R&D specialists who need to understand, or are responsible for the acquisition, deployment and management of IT solutions in the laboratory, as well as providers of ELNs, software manufacturers, consultancy firms addressing ELN technology, patent and IP Attorneys, government or University Laboratories.

“Good conference: interesting talks that were well presented; very convenient location, good for networking.” Daniel Hopkins, Project Manager, Laboratory of the Government Chemist (LGC) Ltd

Richard Lysakowski, the Director of R&D and Advisor at the Collaborative Electronic Notebook Systems Association (CENSA). Dr. Lysakowski has led development of the ELN markets since 1990 and is acknowledged as a global authority on ELNs and record keeping systems.