Product News: New GC Column Range and Toolkit for Biodiesel Analysis

01 Nov 2011

SGE Analytical Science has launched a new range of BPX-BIOD GC Columns for Biodiesel Analysis.

BPX-BIOD GC columns can be found in SGE’s new comprehensive Biodiesel Analysis Toolkit. The Toolkit has been created as a resource for biodiesel analysis and includes method information, products and solutions to ensure you can effectively and reliably complete fuels testing according to either ASTM or EN methods.

All ASTM International and European National (EN) biodiesel methods have been evaluated to demonstrate the suitability of BPX-BIOD GC columns to achieve optimal separation.

The GC capillary column range can be used for many chromatographic applications, providing a good combination of performance, robustness, reproducibility, low bleed and inertness.