Product News: SANYO Adds New MPR Series Biomedical Refrigerator/Freezer Combination Unit

27 Sep 2011

Biomedical Solutions Division has announced that it has added a new refrigerator with freezer combination model to its portfolio -  the MPR-715F, to its MPR Series storage line. The new MPR-715F has been specially designed with greater storage capacity of vaccines and pharmaceuticals for use in the hospital, laboratory or in a medical office.

The new model features a larger cabinet for storing vaccines and other biologicals, with
an approximate 23% increase in capacity in the refrigerator compartment, and more than two times an
increase in the amount of freezer storage space available when compared to the MPR-414F.
Additionally, the MPR-715F combination unit has added energy-saving LED lighting for greater
energy efficiency. The new refrigerator/freezer unit is available starting immediately.

Joe Laporte, Sr. Product Manager for the Biomedical Solutions Division, commented, “SANYO has
listened to customers for a larger capacity combination freezer and refrigerator unit where a customer
needs precise temperature control for vaccines and other biologics. We see a significant number of
customers moving away from household or general purpose combination refrigerator/freezer units due
to the lack of digital temperature control and the wild fluctuations in temperature during the defrost
cycle, which can cause temperature excursions and potentially rendering vaccines compromised.”

Energy Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness Continuing the focus on energy efficiency in the lab, the new SANYO MPR-715F uses new energy-saving LED lighting. The combination unit also features efficient temperature recovery properties, offering minimal temperature fluctuations around set points. The four-door design reduces
air loss during door openings for further efficiency. One 715F unit with dual temperature zone requires minimal space while offering both refrigeration and freezer functions.

Accurate and Uniform Temperature Distribution
The MPR-715F offers superior uniformity for precise and stable temperature control and monitoring of
vaccines, reagents and other sensitive biologicals. Featuring SANYO application specific refrigeration
technology, such as the ability to maintain a set temperature within the 2°C to 14°C temperature range,
the system is designed to assure stored product safety. The freezer offers precision temperature
uniformity throughout the chamber for a temperature range of -20 to -30°C for laboratory grade
freezing of enzymes, vaccines, and other biologicals. The unit also features two SANYO-designed
compressors that allow differential control of individual refrigerator and freezer compartments.

Other Standard SANYO Features
- Integrated alarm functions
- SANYO-built microprocessor controls and alarms with digital display of all input/output
functions for comprehensive system management and monitoring
- Safe and secure storage with keyed locking door
- Unique cycle defrost (refrigerator only) maintains internal uniformity during cycle defrost

For more information about the MPR-715F, particularly for vaccine storage applications, please visit the company article page