Product News: Automated DNA Sample Enrichment Solution Introduced

07 Feb 2012

Hamilton Robotics has announced a new automated solution for DNA sample enrichment on the MICROLAB STARlet Liquid Handling Workstation. Integrating Roche’s REM e liquid handling system, the workflow solution enriches up to eight DNA samples for subsequent sequencing on the GS FLX System. The integrated system automates the multiple-step enrichment process, resulting in reduced variability, more consistent results and significant time savings.

The Hamilton solution for REM e integration replaces five hours of dedicated manual work with an automated, walk away procedure. Five different REM e protocols are available as fully automated STARlet methods. Predefined hardware to accurately position the REM e Deck module and the REM e Tube Racks on the STARlet deck are included with the solution. The REM e module performs vortexing, vacuum filtration, magnetic bead capture and heating. All liquid transfer steps are handled by the 1000 µL independent pipetting channels of the STARlet system.

454 Life Sciences, a Roche Company and Hamilton Company will continue to collaborate in developing automation solutions for the benchtop GS Junior System using the STAR and NIMBUS line products. REM e integration on the Hamilton MICROLAB NIMBUS workstation will offer customers a compact and affordable robotic platform for the lower-throughput needs of GS Junior customers.