Product News: Rigaku Introduces the CrystalMation™ Intelli-Plate™

05 Aug 2009

Rigaku Americas Corporation have announced that the company has entered in to an agreement with Art Robbins Instruments (Sunnyvale, CA) to offer a new high-throughput, low-profile, low-birefringence, UV compatible crystallization plate: the CrystalMation™ Intelli-Plate™ 96-3. Co-developed by Rigaku and Art Robbins Instruments, this uniquely designed crystallization plate delivers the highest possible optical clarity with a well design that affords users superior quality protein crystal images. The CrystalMation Intelli-Plate 96-3 is certified for use on all Rigaku CrystalMation systems for high-throughput protein crystallization experiments.

Combating the weaknesses of the existing low-profile plates and improving upon sealing, the CrystalMation Intelli-Plate 96-3 employs a thicker wall design separating reservoirs and eliminates the ridges found on previous generations of low profile plates. The new plate is in the standard SBS format, with 96 reservoirs - and each reservoir having 3 associated wells. CrystalMation Intelli-Plate's design allows for combinatorial or complex co-crystallization experiments and gives users the ability to take their screening further by altering protein to solution ratios, all on one pass and in one plate. Available directly in small quantities from either Hampton Research or Art Robbins Instruments, all bulk orders will be handled solely by Rigaku. As an option, the CrystalMation Intelli-Plate 96-3 may be ordered with pre-printed barcodes for "drop in" use in high-throughput crystallization labs.