Product News: Randox Toxicology have Developed a Test for the Detection of Dangerous 'Bath Salts' and Other Emerging Designer Drugs

03 Apr 2012

Leading manufacturer Randox Toxicology, have developed a new test for the forensic detection of over sixty designer drugs (legal highs or research chemicals) and drug metabolites, including “Bath Salts;” a current craze in the UK market. “Bath salts,” “Ivory Wave,” “Ocean Snow,” and “Cloud nine” are commercial names for Mephedrone, MDPV and other drugs belonging to the Synthetic Cathinones family. The new test will play a crucial role in the detection and crack down on the use of “bath salts” and other drugs marketed as “legal highs,” which produce serious mental and emotional effects.

“Bath Salts” can be bought in convenience stores and online. A study carried out in 2010 reported four times the amount of “legal highs” in the UK than any other country in Europe. Effects are similar to those of cocaine, amphetamines and low-quality MDMA. In April 2010, a ban on the synthetic stimulant Mephedrone was put in place in the UK. The drug and its related compounds are now Class B substances, after measures were rushed through Parliament.

Randox Toxicology has spent a number of years on the research and development of the designer drugs test which targets Bath salts, Synthetic Cannabinoids, Piperazines (Phenylpiperazines and Benzylpiperazines), Mescaline and Salvinorin A. The ‘DoA V’ array can be utilised by toxicology and police laboratories for forensic detection of these designer drugs and their metabolites in urine and blood samples. DoA V can also be used to detect drugs during a post-mortem; to establish whether they may have played a role in the cause of death.

The DoA V designer drug array is for use on the range of ‘Evidence’ biochip testing platforms. The multiplex biochip method developed by Randox Toxicology is currently utilised in toxicology laboratories across six continents for forensic drugs of abuse testing. Multiple tests are carried out simultaneously on a small biochip, offering the user a complete drug profile in a minimum time frame. Randox Toxicology currently offers the largest drug test menu from any sole supplier on their range of Biochip Array Testing platforms.