Product News: Biohit Signs Licensing Agreement with Randox for GastroPanel Non-Invasive Blood Test for Diagnosis and Screening of Gastric Disorders

04 Dec 2013

Finnish healthcare company Biohit Oyj and Randox Laboratories have signed a licensing agreement which gives Randox the worldwide licensing rights for GastroPanel developed by Biohit. GastroPanel developed by Biohit is a simple, non-invasive blood test for the diagnosis and screening of gastric disorders.

GastroPanel test reliably detects H. pylori infection and damage or dysfunction of the stomach mucosa (atrophic gastritis), leading to acid-free stomach. According to latest studies, non-acid stomach is a remarkable risk factor for gastric and esophageal cancer. GastroPanel is a non-invasive blood test that reliably identifies both healthy and unhealthy stomachs as well as helps to prioritize patients for further examinations.

CEO Semi Korpela, Biohit Oyj: “The combination of GastroPanel reagents with Randox analyzers opens up new distribution possibilities for both companies”.

Dr. Peter FitzGerald CBE, Managing Director of Randox: “The addition of the Biohit GastroPanel will add significantly to the range of diagnostic products we offer. Our ability to deliver these biomarkers to healthcare providers using our Biochip Array systems will enable diagnosis of gastric disorders in patients with dyspepsia ensuring appropriate further investigation and treatment and contribute to a reduction in healthcare costs. The GastroPanel will be offered in Randox analyzers used in hospitals and reference laboratories through our global distribution network in 145 countries.”