Product News: Phenylbutazone Found in Horsemeat Sold for Food

28 Jan 2013

Publicized reports of horse DNA found in processed beef burgers readily available to buy in the UK and Ireland have highlighted that there is an increased requirement to ensure that these contaminated foods do not enter the food chain. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) also claimed that 5 horses which had tested as positive for veterinary drug Phenylbutazone had been exported for human consumption in France last year.

The veterinary drug also known as ‘bute’ is an anti-inflammatory administered to horses to treat lameness and fever. The use of Phenylbutazone in food producing animals is prohibited in most countries, including the European Union, United States, Canada and Japan.

As a result, MRLs have not been set for Phenylbutazone residues, meaning that any detection is considered a violation.

Randox Food Diagnostics offer the Phenylbutazone ELISA testing platform to detect Phenylbutazone in urine samples with a tissue sample preparation available upon request. The benefits include:

• Excellent detection of the main metabolite Oxyphenbutazone
• Exceptional limits of detection
• Plates pre-coated with analyte specific antibody, reducing assay set up time

The Randox Food Diagnostics portfolio includes 28 ELISA's and 8 multiplex screening platforms. Randox Food Diagnostics incorporate several market related products dedicated to the food, wine and beverage industries.