Product News: Radiometer’s TOSCA Demonstrates Flawless Respiratory Monitoring

19 Sep 2013

The respiratory outpatients department at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth has completed a successful evaluation of Radiometer’s TCM TOSCA monitor. Respiratory Physiology Manager Tess Compton-Price explained: “The department has a Radiometer ABL820 blood gas analyser, which is marvellous. However, for serial testing, non-invasive transcutaneous monitoring (TCM) is definitely a preferred route. TCM is ideal for sleep studies, allowing any nocturnal variation to be observed and helping to determine whether the patient requires continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or assisted ventilation, as well as enabling progress during treatment to be monitored. It is also beneficial for cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET).”

“The TOSCA monitor was evaluated over a three week period and was used practically every day, either in the department or the respiratory high care unit. It was amazing, just flawless. TOSCA is very intuitive, and all our staff loved its ease of use and design, from fitting new membranes to storing the electrodes. The calibration is just incredible; TOSCA calibrated first time, every time, without fail. For patients, TOSCA is preferable to arterial blood sampling as it is completely painless; they can almost forget that it is there.”

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