Product News: R&D Systems Presents New Tools for Profiling the Phosphorylation of Multiple Signaling Molecules

28 Mar 2011

Proteome Profiler 96™ Arrays allow researchers to measure the relative phosphorylation of up to 16 kinases in the single well of a 96 well plate. Because standard chemiluminescence cameras are used for data collection, many laboratories bypass the need for expensive, specialized equipment.

Stop by our booth (#467) for promotions and to find out more about Proteome Profiler 96, including our newest array designed to simultaneously measure the phosphorylation of Akt, ERK1/ERK2, GSK-3ß, JNK, p38-alpha, p70 S6 Kinase, and Src.

Proteome Profiler 96 Antibody Arrays are 96-well microplate-based assays designed to detect multiple proteins in the same sample. Microplate wells are spotted with up to 16 different capture antibodies allowing highly efficient analysis of relative protein expression levels. These kits use a smaller sample size than our membrane-based Proteome Profiler Antibody Arrays. Proteome Profiler 96 Antibody Arrays are specially designed to ensure antibody compatibility, high specificity, and high sensitivity. Each kit contains a detection antibody and all required buffers necessary to run the assay.