Product News: Quantachrome Instruments Releases the XeriPrep™ Sample Preparation Degasser

02 Aug 2013

This degasser is used to dry (Xeri is derived from the Greek word “xeros” meaning “dry”), samples prior to surface area and pore size analysis by gas sorption. The XeriPrep™ can be used with a variety of Quantachrome’s gas sorption analyzers including the Autosorb® 6 iSA™, Autosorb® iQ, Nova™ Series, Quadrasorb™, and iSorb™.

Consistent and reliable surface area and pore size analysis depend upon proper sample preparation. This “degassing” involves the removal of surface moisture and other contaminants by heating the sample under vacuum. The XeriPrep™ provides the necessary accurate and consistent sample preparation required by high-throughput
physisorption analyzers.

The XeriPrep™ degasser has six preparation stations side-by-side for easy access; each station having its own heater for independent operation – up to 350°C (662°F) is standard, optionally up to 450°C (842°F).

The XeriPrep™ provides PC control of all six heaters with individual protocols consistent of programmable heating ramp and times. All six stations accept three sizes of sample cell diameters using fittings that can be adapted quickly and easily without tools. The built in cold trap provides for efficient removal of condensables at low degassing temperatures and for a clean and efficient vacuum at all degassing temperatures. The standard version of the XeriPrep™ includes a two-stage vacuum pump with the option of adding a turbo pump for rapid high vacuum degassing. Also included is a digital vacuum gauge for establishing completeness of sample readiness after degassing.