Product News: Quantachrome’s Newest Porous Materials Analyzers to be Showcased at Pittcon 2013

01 Mar 2013

Quantachrome Instruments will be showing its latest generation porous materials characterization instruments at Pittcon® 2013, the annual conference and exposition focused on laboratory science, to be held in Philadelphia, March 17 – 21, 2013.

Quantachrome is a leading manufacturer of laboratory instruments for the characterization of porous materials and powders which are sold to academia and industry worldwide through its network of subsidiaries and distributors. This year Quantachrome will show its high pressure gas sorption analyzer, the iSorb HP, for the first time at Pittcon, it having been launched in 2012. The iSorb-HP can measure high pressure gas sorption isotherms up to 200bar pressure, typically used on materials being developed for hydrogen storage or carbon dioxide and methane sequestration.

Seen for the first time anywhere will be the new Autosorb-iQC-TPX, a fully automatic and comprehensive catalyst characterization unit that employs a variety of pressure-based and flow techniques to measure properties such as active metal area, dispersion, a variety of temperature-programmed methods known as TPR, TPO and TPD. These are in addition to physical characteristics like surface area and pore size distribution. The Autosorb-iQC-TPX offers a unique combination of capabilities in a single instrument thanks to its new fully integrated control systems that can also interface with a close-coupled mass spectrometer (no separate vacuum system required) for even greater effectiveness. Dr. Martin Thomas, Quantachrome’s Director of Product and Business Development, says “The new TPX version of the Autosorb-iQC represents our commitment to offering efficient, complete solutions in a single unit. We do this so that scientists can take advantage of multiple techniques by making all of them available as one package, especially where multiple specialized or single-purpose instruments – we do those too - either don’t fit into a budget or literally on their lab bench. The TPX packs a whole lot of sophisticated measurement capability into a fully automated unit less than thirty inches wide.”

2013 also represents Quantachrome’s 45th Anniversary and, interestingly, the 75th anniversary of the famous B.E.T. equation, the cornerstone of Quantachrome’s analyzers using gas adsorption to measure surface area. 2013 has already seen the opening of Quantachrome’s subsidiary Quantachrome Japan G.K. headquartered in Kawasaki City, just outside Tokyo.

Quantachrome will also be showing a selection of their other analyzers on booth 905 where knowledgeable Quantachrome staff will be pleased to answer technical questions and sales inquiries.