Product News: QIAensemble Decapper Automates Tedious Sample Preparation Process

17 Feb 2012

QIAGEN has announced the launch of the QIAensemble Decapper automation system for the handling of liquid-based cytology, as well as various other types of liquid samples that are processed by clinical laboratories around the world.

The open platform system enables laboratories to automate the many tedious manual steps required for unscrewing (or decapping) the lids of clinical sample vials, extracting the sample material and pipetting it into testing vials, and then recapping the clinical sample vial. This process is considered to be particularly onerous for cytologists due to the design of liquid cytology sample collection vials.

The QIAensemble Decapper supports downstream molecular testing and will help to reduce the risk for injuries to laboratory staff from repetitive motions. It also eliminates the risk for variation among laboratory staff, improving productivity and workflow.

The system can process up to 800 samples per shift (excluding set-up time and post-processing requirements). It can accommodate a variety of fluid types or varying viscosity for both samples and reagents. The Decapper can be used with a wide variety of tube types including conical tubes, u-shaped tubes, BD Vacutainer® tubes and Greiner's Vacuette® tubes.

The intuitive software system provides laboratory staff with a comprehensive and user-friendly report for each run. Laboratory staff are provided with a comprehensive report for each run and the software also offers chain of custody, and an ability to identify samples that were not properly transferred.