Product News: Purify up to 12 Protein Samples in as little as 15 Minutes with New, Rainin PureSpeed™ Tips

05 Mar 2012

Anachem is pleased to announce the launch of Rainin’s new PureSpeed™ Protein Tips. The affinity resin incorporated in the base of the pipette tip, captures, purifies and enriches the protein of interest by bidirectional flow of sample volume through the tip bed. These innovative tips produce the highest concentration of purified protein, allowing many options for downstream functional assays.

Gravity-fed affinity columns and spin columns do the job, but they can be time consuming and elution volumes can be large, diluting the final sample. Unlike these traditional methods, PureSpeed™ Protein Tip’s unique process draws the sample repeatedly over a low dead volume, packed resin bed, offering controlled contact time with the resin and higher binding kinetics. To eliminate false positives, an efficient wash step removes any contaminants and the final low volume elution step produces highly concentrated functional protein.

PureSpeed™ Protein Tips are designed for use with the LTS version of the E4™XLS™ electronic pipette. The E4™XLS™ has a dedicated PureSpeed™ mode that enables protein purification to be programmed and controlled in a semi-automated process, simplifying and enhancing the performance of the tip.