Product News: Prior Scientific to Preview New HLW20 Well Plate Loading System at EMC 2012

07 Sep 2012

Prior Scientific will be exhibiting several new products at EMC 2012 in Manchester from 5th to 6th September. This includes the new HLW20 Well Plate Loading System and Z-Deck quick adjust platform.

Prior Scientific will preview the new HLW20 Well Plate Loading System. Designed for inverted microscopes and compatible with the Prior ProScan™ series controller, the HLW20 features a 20 well plate capacity and stainless steel racks for easy cleaning. The system is compatible with covered and uncovered well plates; it fits all standard microtitre plates up to 19mm thick. Multiple sensors ensure a safe and accurate transfer between racks and microscope stage. An optional barcode reader is also available to further enhance well plate tracking. The system is supplied with a Software Development Kit (SDK) which allows the user full control of the loading and unloading processes.

Prior Scientific will also be previewing the new Z-Deck quick adjust platform for the Olympus BX51WI/BX61WI and Nikon FN1 microscopes. The Z-Deck quick adjust platform enables users to increase their productivity by allowing them to image multiple areas of interest with speed and precision. Easy loading and unloading of samples is accomplished via the use of pneumatic piston towers which makes the raising and lowering of the Z-Deck virtually effortless. No tools are required to adjust the height, which enables the user to change between thin sample and large sample imaging in seconds. Precision or customized stage provides sub micron repeatability and smooth movement while the Proscan™ III controller and PS3J100 joystick provides ultar fine XY stage control via dual digipots.

Other products being exhibited at EMC 2012 include Prior Scientific's new Lumen 200S Fluorescence Illumination Systems with high speed shutter control and the new Brightfield LED Illuminator. These are now compatible with many leading software packages including MediaCybernetics Image Pro Plus, Molecular Devices Metamorph and Olympus CellSens.

The new Brightfield LED Illuminator provides all the advantages of LED illumination in a flexible package that can be fitted to most modern upright and inverted microscope systems. With 10,000+ hours of operating lifetime, the LED simply replaces the standard lamphouse and is easily fitted to the microscope. Control of the unit is a choice of manual intensity control, TTL control or ON/OFF, eliminating the need for shutter mechanisms. The intensity can be regulated manually via a small controller, to give precise control of the illumination. The intensity is sufficient even for contrast techniques such as phase contrast or DIC imaging. Illumination is even across the field of view and a constant colour temperature is assured at all intensities. The LED can be powered directly from the Prior ProScan™ and OptiScan™ controllers via the shutter connections or as a standalone light source with a separate power cable.

To find out more about all these products visit booth 114 at the EMC show!