Product News: Primerdesign Launch World's Most Affordable Real-Time PCR Machine

22 Aug 2014

Primerdesign Ltd is delighted to announce the release of the World's most affordable Real-Time PCR instrument. The genesig® q16 will accompany their catalogue of over 400 applied DNA testing kits and provide a market shifting solution making DNA testing available to the mass market.

Priced at £3995 ($6500) the q16 combines a streamlined user experience with the reliability of Real-Time PCR analysis. By utilizing one of the many kits available, the q16 can give reliable, reproducible results in under 2 hours, compared to days (or even weeks) for more traditional methods. The q16 automates post-experiment analysis and so makes qPCR accessible to anyone in a variety of settings.

"By removing the greatest barriers to entry - cost and required expertise, the q16 means that DNA testing can be made available for everyone, everywhere" said Jim Wicks PhD, managing director of Primerdesign; "Our main objective was to ensure that process was accessible for everyone, with the q16 and associated genesig Easy kits I believe that just about anyone can do Real-Time PCR".

Despite the market-shattering price, the q16 is a quality British manufactured instrument. It is the first truly solid state Real-Time PCR instrument on the market and has no moving parts. The solid state technology enables silent operation and high component tolerances ensure rapid thermal-cycling rates. In pre-production testing the q16 performed better than all other instruments in much higher pricing brackets.