Product News: Positive Procedural Control with CD Markers for Immunophenotyping

09 Nov 2012

Streck, Inc. has introduced CD-Chex™ Select, the first and only commercially-available flow cytometry control with a selected group of CD markers used for immunophenotyping. The product is an assayed positive procedural control for reagent staining, erythrocyte lysis, sample preparation and instrument performance. CD-Chex Select complements the full line of Streck CD-Chex flow cytometry controls.

Sample 1 provides % positive values for CD markers including CD26, CD41, CD57, CD64, FMC7, TCR α/β, TCR γ/δ. Sample 2 provides % positive values for epitopes CD58 and CD61, in addition to intracellular markers CD79a and MPO.

CD-Chex Select can be handled like a patient sample. The product eliminates the need for laboratories to hold and validate patient samples to use as a control for the selected markers. The established means and ranges provide pathologists with confidence in their instrument results.

CD-Chex Select features 30-day open-vial stability and 90-day closed-vial stability. Plastic 3.0ml cap-pierceable vials are compatible with automated sample preparation instruments, including BD Biosciences and Beckman Coulter® systems.

The CD-Chex Select is currently for Research Use Only and not for use in diagnostic procedures.