Product News: Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces the New Dry Particle Counter ADPC 302

10 Jul 2013

The ADPC 302 by Pfeiffer Vacuum is a unique in-process contamination management system for particle contamination monitoring in the semiconductor industry. This innovative product measures the number of particles in wafer transport carriers (Front Opening Unified Pod, FOUP and Front Opening Shipping Box, FOSB). The fully automated patented process localizes and counts particles from the carrier surfaces, including the door.

Submicrometer particles can cause defects that may lead to considerable yield loss. Even the smallest particles measuring 0.1 µm may damage the structure of semiconductor chips. Qualified by leading fabs, this system can be used for both the serial production as well as R&D analysis. The main applications are the carrier characterization, cleaning strategy optimization and cleaning quality check.

The dry process (Dry Particle Counter) of the ADPC shows clear benefits compared to the traditional wet method (Liquid Particle Counter). The main advantage of the dry process is that the particle measurement is completely automated. It is integrated in the production process and therefore does not require time outside the production period. Thanks to the fully automated measurement, the process does not require an additional operator. The test time is only seven minutes, meaning that the ADPC 302 is four times as fast as traditional systems. It is possible to test eight transport carriers in one hour.

The ADPC 302 system for particle contamination monitoring complements the Pfeiffer Vacuum portfolio of contamination solutions for the semiconductor industry featured by the FOUPs molecular contamination analyzer APA 302 and the FOUPs