Product News: PerkinElmer Launches New Enhanced Clarus® GC

02 Mar 2010

PerkinElmer, Inc. launches a new portfolio of Clarus®Gas Chromatograph (GC) systems aimed at meeting the increasing productivity needs of laboratories concentrating on food, hydrocarbon processing, forensic, and environmental applications. The Clarus 680 GC provides chromatographers with greater ease of use and flexibility to enable increased productivity.

Visitors to booth #2769 at PITTCON 2010 can learn more about the Clarus GC portfolio and other solutions in PerkinElmer's gas and liquid chromatography portfolio. The new system incorporates a patented column oven, optimized capillary inlets and selective detectors as well as optional SwaferTM microchannel flow control technology.

"Increasingly, customers seek to increase sample throughput without sacrificing sensitivity or data quality," noted Eric Ziegler, vice president, chromatography and mass spectrometry, Analytical Sciences and Laboratory Services, PerkinElmer. "The new flagship Clarus 680 GC is designed to deliver not only higher levels of performance, but greater sample analysis throughput and operational simplicity. In addition, PerkinElmer Swafer technology provides increased instrument flexibility - ultimately giving labs better productivity and performance."

At PITTCON 2010, PerkinElmer is also showcasing several additions to its popular Chromera® and FlexarTM product lines for liquid chromatography (LC). The Chromera chromatography data system for LC now includes PhotoDiode Array (PDA) detector control and 3D analysis. With real-time display of multichannel chromatograms and 3D contour graphics, Chromera provides an ideal solution for LC PDA analysis and also allows for peak integration, sequence generation and comprehensive reporting. Additionally, Chromera supports ICP-MS organometallic speciation applications and both Chromera and Flexar can be integrated with PerkinElmer's ICP-MS platforms.

PerkinElmer is also announcing the release of AB SCIEX Analyst® LC/MS drivers for its Flexar LC components, which enables them to be integrated with Applied Biosystems' existing line of LC/MS systems.