Product News: Peak Scientific Hydrogen Generators: Reliability-Enhanced

06 Feb 2010

Peak Scientific is proud to present a new range of Hydrogen Generators at Pittcon 2008, Stand 6333. The Peak HydroGen Range of Gas Generators has been specifically designed to provide a safe and reliable solution for typical laboratory Hydrogen requirements.

These new HydroGen Generators use ion exchange membrane technology to generate high purity hydrogen gas suitable for most laboratory applications. Unique membranes are used to separate hydrogen and oxygen leaving pure, dry hydrogen for your analysis.

Peak HydroGen Generators are designed for completely safe operation whilst providing an uninterrupted supply of Hydrogen at 200, 300 or 600cc per minute.

New technology developments enable the detection of internal and external leaks which will automatically shut the generator down and therefore prevent potentially hazardous situations arising in your laboratory.

A simple to use User Interface allows customers to easily adjust flow rates and pressures, making the Peak HydroGen Generator user friendly.

The new HydroGen Generator is supplied with an external water tank designed to minimize degeneration of de- ionized water. A conductivity meter provides water quality measurement throughout operation and prevents cell damage via automatic shut down if impurities are detected.

The Peak HydroGen Generator combines straight- forward design with many easy to use features that provide enhanced reliability and safety.

Peak Scientific Instruments welcomes you to stand 6333 where we will present this new system alongside our proven existing range of gas generator products.