Product News: Particle Counting Solution from Merck Millipore BioMonitoring: APC SmartTouch Airborne Particle Counter

29 Jul 2013

Particle counting is a critical component of clean room monitoring programs. Particle counter data is needed to detect contaminants in the air and to determine the cleanliness of air in controlled environments, such as those found in the sensitive food industries, which have to comply with strict regulations. The APC instruments meet regulated standards for performance, counting efficiency, and calibration. They are available in either stainless steel or plastic with stainless steel components. The APC SmartTouch fulfills the most stringent hygiene standards and is ideally suited for disinfection.

The APC SmartTouch is a unique, easy-to-use airborne particle counter, which is designed to reduce your cleanroom certification and monitoring costs whilst minimizing the likelihood of human sampling errors.

Secure and reliable:
• Visual representation of sampling locations: minimizes risk of human errors
• Ideally suited for disinfection: easy-to-clean
• Equipped with high-capacity batteries: allows for continuous sampling
• Follows strict hygiene standards
• Designed for use in cleanrooms: smooth easy clean surfaces.

• Large color touch screen with familiar icons and intuitive menu: easy-to-use
• All required actions start from main menu: increases operating efficiency and saves time

• Complete system with many accessories: no need to invest in multiple instruments, reducing costs of associated routine calibration
• Designed for dual flow rates: significantly reduces cleanroom certification and monitoring cost