Product News: CyFlow® Sorter Offers a Simple, Affordable and Safe System for Cell and Particle Sorting

18 Mar 2013

The unique CyFlow® Sorter is a closed, non-destructive, non-hazardous system for cell and particle sorting and offers highest purity and sorting stability. The system combines user comfort with superior performance characteristics and can be included in both the Partec flow cytometers CyFlow® space and CyFlow® Cube 8.

The Partec CyFlow® Sorter guarantees in contrast to conventional cell sorter, lowest possible mechanical impact on the cells and hence, allows for non-destructive cell sorting of fragile or electrically delicate cells (like cardio myocytes). The virtually aerosol-free condition of the cell sorter means a highly reduced risk of contamination. Furthermore, due to the fixed alignment and the fact that no drop-delay calculation is required, the Piezo-based CyFlow® Sorter is an easy-to-use system; simply select a population and sort.

The Partec CyFlow® Sorter has been successfully employed many-fold for sorting of various cells types with very distinct cellular properties including bacteria, cultured cells, protoplasts, pollen, cardio myocytes and many others. The enrichment of CD34+ stem cells, important for stem cell transplantation, cancer therapies and research is for example a successfully established application of the Partec CyFlow® Sorter (see Figure A and B).

Figure A and B