Product News: CyFlow® Cube 6 – Two Laser Flow Cytometer with Unique Instrument Design

22 Oct 2012

The CyFlow Cube 6 is the most compact flow cytometers with all the performance features of a large instrument.

Flexible two laser operation (i.e. powerful 488nm blue solid state laser and 638nm red diode laser modules) and four color detection make the system perfectly suited to practically any application in immunology and cell biology. Moreover, small (nano) particle detection, absolute cell counting and 96 well plate autoloader function (upgrade option) capabilities enable you to obtain best possible results.

The instrument look is unique and internationally acknowledged as a new landmark in industry design. The extremely small dimensions of the Cube 6 save laboratory space.

The application range includes the majority of tests performed in modern laboratories:

• Health care diagnostics and research
• Microbiology
• Agrosciences, aquacultures and industrial applications