Product News: Papain Kit For Effective Neural Cell Isolation

01 Oct 2012

Visit Worthington booth #2813 at the Society for Neuroscience 2012 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA. to complete a short ʻPrimary Neural Cell Isolationʼ survey and enter a draw to win an Apple iPod.

Worthington's 'Papain Dissociation System' provides researchers with an all inclusive kit to isolate neural cells with consistently high yield and viability. This kit utilizes Worthington’s purified papain and contains all the necessary materials and directions for five separate tissue dissociations. Individual vials of each contain Earle's balanced Salt Solution (EBSS), Worthington Purified Papain, DNase and Ovomucoid Inhibitor-BSA, an inhibitor and single density gradient for cell puri fication. Also included are a phenol red color card for simple monitoring of pH and a detailed protocol. To ensure consistent results the kit uses purified enzymes rather than crude preparations and each lot is functionally use-tested for rat pup spinal cord neurons.

Also request a copy of Worthington's NEW Tissue Dissociation Guide that is available to assist researchers with selecting enzymes, developing and optimizing protocols and better understanding the process of enzymatic primary neural & other types of cell isolation. The guide discusses the enzymes most commonly used, their handling and specificity, and includes hundreds of new detailed cell and species-specific references.