Product News: Optimized Performance for Integrated Rodent Metabolism Studies

22 Jul 2014

Panlab has introduced the OxyletPro System, optimizing and integrating the ability to monitor respiratory metabolism (O2 consumption/CO2 production), food and drink intake, and activity/rearing measurements in standard rodent home cages.

The modular design of the OxyletPro allows for a simple expandability of the system as needs change and grow. Special configurations are available for calorimetry studies with neonate rat pups as well as exercise physiology studies with single lane, airtight treadmills. Rearing assessment can be made by adding an accessory infrared (IR) frame.

Key Features of OxyletPro System:
• Home cage advantage, minimizing stress to the subjects
• Easily expanded and upgraded as needs grow and change
• Optimized performance with minimal calibration and maintenance requirement
• Unmatched versatility with small footprint and adaptability for both mouse and rat models
• Special configurations for neonate testing and treadmill experiments
• Highly accurate monitoring of food and drink consumption, combining specially designed dispensers with weight transducer technology

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