Product News: Introducing the new Allegro™ MVP Single-Use System from Pall Life Sciences – Biopharmaceuticals

28 Oct 2013

Pall Life Sciences has launched the Allegro™ MVP system - a new fully automated platform that can be used across a range of upstream and downstream bioprocessing activities, making it an invaluable tool in any bioprocessing facility.

Applications include: sterile filtration, bioburden reduction, depth filtration, virus filtration/inactivation, media & buffer preparation, membrane chromatography, pH adjustment and final formulation & filling. A manifold selection tool facilitates selection of sensors, connectors, tubing type, filters and pre-filters needed for each application.

Intuitive, easy to read labels on the manifolds sets ensure easy, error free installation. The fully automated MVP system provides reliable control of process conditions and monitoring of all process variables, and the use of automated valves in the system allows more complex process steps to be simplified into an automated sequence.

Good engineering design provides reliability, robust operation and minimizes operator error, with the high degree of automation enabling precise and consistent operation, control of key parameters, and minimizes operator contact.