Product News: Advanced Column Design Enables True Linear Scale-Up

23 May 2011

New Resolute® FM columns are ideal for chromatographic purification from process development through to manufacturing scale with a wide range of commonly used media.

These glass columns, for process development and manufacturing applications, are robust and incorporate new features to improve the outcome of column packing events. Resolute FM columns complement Pall's PKP chromatographic systems, providing an ideally suited platform for pilot scale and small volume manufacturing purification operations. Available in 100, 140, and 200 mm diameters with capacities from 0.78 L to 8.4 L.

• Unique constant compression adjuster seal simplifies column operation
• Low friction adjuster mechanism enables packing compression to x1.2cf
• Easy air removal prior to packing for first-time
packing event
• Improved safety with an integral adjuster that enables packing without removal from column
• Low pressure drop flow path supports high linear velocity up to 700 cm/hr for maximum productivity
• Simple maintenance of seals and nets with quick and easy removal of both distributor plates without use of special tools
• Precision borosilicate glass tube and stainless steel flow path provide excellent chemical compatibility