Product News: PIKE Technologies Announce Release of Heated Solid Transmission Accessory for Measuring Optical Components and Polymers

22 Mar 2013

PIKE Technologies announces the release of the Heated Solid Transmission Accessory for measurements of optical components and polymers. It is designed to analyze solid samples at temperatures ranging from ambient to 300 °C.

The Heated Solid Transmission Accessory supports a set of optional sample mounts able to hold samples from 12 mm to 30 mm in diameter and up to 3 mm thick. No tools are required for sample loading and unloading.

The accessory is equipped with a standard 2” x 3” slide that makes it easy to mount in all types of spectrometers. The temperature is regulated by a digital temperature controller. PC interfaced and free-standing, dedicated versions are available. The accessory must be equipped with a PIKE or third party liquid recirculator.