Product News: PIKE Technologies Release New Variable Angle ATR and Specular Reflection Accessory, VeeMAX III

22 Mar 2013

PIKE Technologies is releasing VeeMAX III, the new version of its popular multi-purpose variable angle FTIR accessory. VeeMAX III is available in specular reflection and/or ATR configurations that cover incidence ranges from 30 to 75 degrees. Single reflection ZnSe, ZnS, Ge, and Si crystal plates are offered for ATR applications, and all can be equipped with an optional electrochemical cell.

The new accessory features high quality diamond-turned optics and simplified design resulting in improved performance with up to 20% throughput improvements in selected modes. VeeMAX III can be equipped with a polarizer and the combined system can be fully automated for repeatable measurements at preprogrammed incidence angles and varying degrees of polarization.

Typical VeeMAX III applications include depth profiling, analysis of monolayers and ultra-thin films, determination of polymer orientation and spectroelectrochemistry. VeeMAX III is fully purgeable and it is compatible with a wide range of FTIR spectrometers.