Product News: New Vacuum Catalog on Translation Stages, Rotation Stages, Motion Systems Released by PI miCos

01 Aug 2013

A new 180 page catalog on precision motorized positioning stages and motion control equipment for vacuum and UHV environments is available from PI miCos. Vacuum environments are required for many of today's leading edge applications in fields as diverse as semiconductor test & manufacturing, X-ray spectrometry, high energy physics, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and astronomy / aerospace.

PI and PI miCos provide extensive expertise in designing, manufacturing and preparing precision positioning systems for vacuum environments. Motorized linear stages, rotation stages, piezo positioners and actuators as well as 6-axis parallel kinematic positioners (hexapods) are offered in different levels of vacuum preparation, from fine vacuum (10-3 torr) to UHV (10-10 torr). Additionally, complex custom motion systems and instrumentation for extreme applications, such as found in beam-lines and synchrotrons are also available.

The catalog explains technical terms, the different preparation steps and the equipment used for testing in addition to listing product specifications and drawings.