Product News: Orchard Trellis Bridges Gap between POCT and the Electronic Medical Record

20 Sep 2012

Orchard Software’s newest product for the laboratory, Orchard® Trellis™, provides electronic connectivity to more effectively manage a laboratory’s point-of-care (POC) testing. Trellis is an orders and results management software program that serves as a simple "review, click, and go" cost-effective bridge for electronically passing orders and results between low-volume POC analyzers/instruments and the EMR.
Whether the POC testing (POCT) is at a Protime clinic, a pediatrician’s office, a Lipid clinic, or any other point-of-care testing facility, Trellis is the solution designed to eliminate connectivity challenges and electronically integrate POC results back into your EMR.

"With today’s healthcare challenges surrounding efficiency and accountability and the economic pressures to do more with less, Trellis provides the optimal means for electronic connectivity to more effectively manage your POC testing," says Rob Bush, President of Orchard Software Corporation. Mr. Bush continues, "Orchard Trellis offers a simple and cost-effective connectivity solution for POC testing. The implementation of Trellis will help to improve patient care and enhance the value of your POC testing by providing real-time results into your EMR. In addition, Trellis can be integrated to Orchard® Harvest™ LIS, which will allow you to automate your remote QC and help ensure accurate billing, saving you time and money."

Jeffrey Kain, Executive Vice President, adds, "Because of low volume, remote locations, and limited connectivity capabilities inherent to most POC devices, most POC test results are not being captured in the EMR. If they are making it to the EMR, it involves manual entry—a time-consuming process subject to clerical errors."

"Orchard Trellis is a flexible solution that offers many deployment options. It can be a basic installation in a small practice, where a single Trellis links the EMR and a few low-volume instruments, or Trellis could be deployed to connect the EMR with multiple POCT locations," states Curt Johnson, Chief Operating Officer.

Mr. Johnson adds, "For facilities where a centralized lab exists among a network of POCT locations, there are a couple of deployment options. For a laboratory with a legacy LIS, Trellis can provide POC connectivity by linking the POC testing sites directly to the EMR, or Trellis can be used in conjunction with Orchard Harvest LIS to simplify quality control management and make results from POC analyzers easily accessible for analytics or inspection purposes."

Ease of use is inherent in the Trellis design, demonstrated by its simple installation process and minimal requirements for training. Trellis provides a POC connectivity solution that assures accuracy in test reporting and promotes cost savings due by reducing the staff time traditionally spent manually entering patient results.