Product News: One-of-a Kind Fluidic Demo at AACC to Showcase Three Breakthrough Technologies from IDEX Health & Science

09 Jul 2012

IDEX Health & Science is to showcase three new products at AACC in Los Angeles this month. The products being debuted at Booth 1022 have been designed to increase lab efficiency and improve the reliability of the instruments that scientists depend on every day.

These new products include:

  • Ismatec® Reglo ICC Peristaltic Pump with three channels that function independently like three separate pumps. Ideal for laboratory use in perfusion and culture media dosing.
  • Upchurch Scientific® Intuitive™ Fitting with long-life torque-assurance technology that tightens reliably to reduce leaks without guesswork. Ideal for low-pressure instruments.
  • Eastern Plastic Spiral Transition™ Manifold technology that improves flow characteristics by eliminating sharp turns in the manifold flow path. Ideal for diagnostic and life science instrumentation where salts and buffers crystallize easily.

To showcase the effectiveness of the new technologies, engineers and scientists across IDEX Health & Science collaborated in a one-of-a-kind functional demo unit on view daily in Booth #1022. In contrasting flow paths the demo compares the new Spiral Transition circuit against a sharp-corner circuit in tests of flow and pressure. A third protocol intentionally injects air into the system to offer an improved visual of flow through the circuit.

Visit IDEX Health & Science at booth #1022 at the AACC Clinical Lab Expo in Los Angeles, July 15th – 19th.