Product News: New Routine and Educational Microscope Series Launched

25 Apr 2012

Olympus has released the new CX22LED and CX22HAL microscopes for routine and educational microscopy. The CX22 series features quick and convenient microscopy with an expanded field of view and increased comfort. The easy setting of different viewing heights is ideal for use in an educational setting where users are changing frequently.

The CX22LED clinical microscope with built-in light emitting diode (LED) illumination offers consistent long-term performance for biological and medical applications. This cost-effective imaging system can illuminate samples with a similar light intensity to that provided by halogen bulbs. Furthermore, the LED light source produces a more uniform, controllable and stable illumination for high-quality imaging. As an environmentally-friendly and easy-to-use system, this microscope is also ideal for educational use.

The CX22HAL, an educational microscope with halogen illumination, offers consistent performance for biological and medical applications. In addition, the infinity corrected Plan objectives give sharp high contrast images throughout the field of view. The CX22 is priced for the educational market, retaining design and engineering quality.