Product News: Expert Solutions for Microscope Component Integration from Olympus

01 Nov 2013

When projects call for a high level of technical expertise and consultancy, the Olympus Component Business team (part of Olympus Microscopy) provides personalized component solutions facilitating reduced product development time. The comprehensive range of products and services can now be discovered online with the new “Microscope Components for Integration” website and serve a wide range of markets, including industrial inspection, spectroscopic analysis, metrology, life science and medical analytics.

Building upon over 90 years of experience in opto-mechanical, electronic, digital and precision technology, the Olympus Component Business team works closely with engineers and equipment designers to help them select from a broad range of off-the-shelf and customized optics and components. The business unit supports all customers according to their needs with optical and mechanical expertise, project management and technical consultancy, delivering completely tailored packages for each customer. Olympus also offers flexible supply chain management that helps keep production and development plans on schedule.

With the new website, visitors can explore the range of solutions offered by Olympus, inspiring unique options for their individual systems. Available solutions range from individual components, objective lenses, optical microscope frames, modular microscope assemblies and optical microscope modules.

Marcus Krauel, project manager for the Component Business, comments: “Our business unit addresses a huge market need by offering products and services molded completely to suit the customer.” Being successful in the business of individual microscope component solutions requires great flexibility and diverse knowledge. Krauel adds: “As we can combine anything, even life and materials sciences, technical consultancy is absolutely key.” Therefore customers are closely supported by project managers dedicated to the component business, with optical and mechanical engineers on hand for consultation.

Click on the company website link below to visit the Microscope Components for Integration website.