Product News: New ePathology Solution from Aperio Enhances Communication between Pathologists

25 Sep 2012

Aperio, an ePathology provider, is showcasing its intuitive, easy-to-use solution that connects pathologists across geographical boundaries and enables enhanced communication across the patient care team.

Whether at the office or on the go, the Aperio ePathology NETWORK provides the access pathologists need to stay connected and supports applications for intraoperative consultation, as well as internal and external consultation. The unveiling of the Aperio ePathology NETWORK, is taking place at the European Congress of Pathology on September 8-11 in Prague, and at CAP ‟12—The Pathologists‟ Meeting—in San Diego, September 9-12, 2012. Aperio expects to begin shipment of the new software to customers before the end of October.

“Healthcare organizations are embracing ePathology, taking digital images into clinical use,” said Jared N. Schwartz, M.D., Ph.D., F.C.A.P., Aperio‟s chief medical officer. “The Aperio ePathology NETWORK delivers a software solution that makes it easy to adopt ePathology into routine patient care by effectively connecting the care team across disparate hospital locations.”

“The Aperio ePathology NETWORK raises the bar in patient care by enabling very quick access to sub-specialty expertise for difficult cases. The patient has access to the right sub-specialist and the pathologist has peace of mind,” said Dr. Olga Ioffe, professor of pathology at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine. “An additional benefit of the NETWORK is that those pathologists covering surgery centers can interpret intraoperative consultations remotely, reducing or eliminating travel.”

Aperio will also launch its newest ePathViewer, an easy-to-use application for viewing eSlide images anywhere, at any time, via an iPAD or iPhone. The Aperio ePathViewer will connect to the NETWORK and also supports several pre-configured websites including the Rosai Collection, Aperio eSlide Hosting and Aperio eSlideShare. The Aperio ePathViewer will be available in mid-September for download at the App Store.