Product News: New Thermo Scientific Bottles Improve Water Sample Collection

15 Mar 2012

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., announced yesterday that it has introduced a new range of Thermo Scientific Sterilin Water Sampling Bottles which have been designed to offer increased protection of samples against contamination and other damage following collection.

The new bottles can be used for either chlorinated or non-chlorinated water sampling, and are available in square and rectangular designs. The over-cap design of the bottles reduces the risk of contamination as well as bottle-neck damage that can occur during transit. Tamper-evident seals also reduce the need for re-testing.

The square bottles, available in 500mL and 1000mL volumes, have a lower profile than many other models, making them ideal for use in restricted-access areas. Rectangular bottles, available in 350mL and 500mL capacity, have a flatter style that is useful when storage space is limited.

Thermo Scientific Sterilin Water Sampling Bottles are lightweight and durable, ideal for use within industrial applications. Manufactured from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), these bottles are available dosed with a buffered sodium thiosulphate (Na Thiosulphate) solution or un-dosed. Product specifications can also be tailored to individual customer requirements.