Product News: New Moisture Analyzer Safeguards Drug Performance with Enhanced Precision

14 Dec 2012

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the launch of its new Excellence HX204 Moisture Analyzer. This analyzer, driven by a state-of-the-art halogen heating system, helps pharmaceutical manufacturers assure product quality, meet compliance requirements, save money through reduced rework, and save time for enhanced productivity.

Full process control during testing is crucial to safe pharmaceutical manufacturing. With Excellence HX204, this control is assured through a multi-faceted adjustment process. The HX204 can be tested and adjusted at operating temperature, ensuring correct performance at specified operating conditions. Additionally, built-in LevelControl instantly warns users if the instrument is off-level. These features help to ensure that the high-performance MonoBloc weighing cell — which offers a capacity of 200g and 0.1 mg resolution — can guarantee maximum weighing accuracy for reliable, reproducible results.

Ease-of-use with the Excellence HX204 also virtually guarantees enhanced lab productivity. Fully automatic calibration technology (FACT) eliminates time-consuming frequent manual testing with external weights. Personalized home screens and individual rights assignment allow quick access to necessary operations; the user sees only the information he needs and is authorized to access, practically eliminating handling errors. Real-time graphics with integrated control charts show drying curves and measure trends for fast analysis. An ability to set individual, product specific control limits also facilitates easy pass/fail determinations. All of these features add up to precise moisture analysis, which is critical to ensuring drug performance and consumer safety.