Product News: New Instrument to be Unveiled by Horizon Technology at Pittcon 2013

04 Mar 2013

This is a big year for Horizon Technology. Not only are we celebrating our 20th anniversary but we are also prepared to debut our latest product at Pittcon 2013! This new instrument will complement the existing suite of Horizon instruments perfectly! Our customers have spoken and we’ve listened. We are thrilled to finally show off our newest instrument!

In addition to our product debut we are also presenting four oral presentations and five posters. Our Applications and R&D teams have been busy this year and excited to share their work! Our founder and owner, Bob Johnson, will also be presenting a paper titled “Recent Advances in Solid Phase Extraction for the Determination of a Full Range of Organic Compounds from High Particulate Aqueous Samples”

Visit our Pittcon 2013 page for presentation details.

Be sure to visit us at booth #736 or visit our Pittcon page to see what we are up to!