Product News: New Instrument for Continuous Monitoring of Volatile Organic Compounds in Air and Gas to be Launched at PITTCON 2013

01 Feb 2013

Markes International, a world leader in thermal desorption (TD) technology and innovation, has announced that it will be launching a cutting-edge new instrument, the TT24-7 Series 2, at PITTCON 2013.

Designed for the continuous monitoring of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOCs and SVOCs) in air or gas, the TT24-7 Series 2 offers analytical chemists a robust yet high-performance analytical tool for near-real-time (NRT) unattended monitoring of trace contaminants in air or gas. The wide range of challenging air monitoring applications includes atmospheric chemistry research, continuous monitoring of controlled industrial environments, counter-terrorism (NRT detection of chemical warfare agents) and continuous monitoring of changing odor profiles.

Building on the success of its predecessor, the new instrument is perfectly suited to field operation and brings laboratory-grade analytical performance to the front line of vapor monitoring in challenging, out-of-lab environments.

With cryogen-free operation and the ability to work unattended over extended periods, the TT24-7 Series 2 is the ideal choice for monitoring toxic chemicals, including chemical warfare agents, in the environment and in key military and civilian installations – including public transport hubs and government buildings. Systems can also be installed in ‘first responder’ vehicles for deployment during chemical incidents.

The TT24-7 Series 2 offers both analytical versatility and high performance. It is compatible with organic vapors over a wide volatility and concentration range, including ultra-low (ppt) concentrations. This makes it suitable for multiple challenging environmental, research and industrial applications such as continuous monitoring of precisely-controlled atmospheres and studies relating to the rate of change of organic vapor concentrations over time – diurnal variations in pollution levels, aroma decay, and biogenic emission profiles.

The TT24-7 Series 2 incorporates two electrically-cooled traps operating in tandem to ensure 100% sampling coverage, with no ‘blind spots’. It is compatible with all leading instruments for GC(MS) and is controlled by intuitive software, with sequences that can be recycled indefinitely and restarted automatically when power is restored after a power-out.

Also on show at PITTCON 2013 will be Markes’ CIA Advantage for automated canister air analysis and the TD-100 – the company’s flagship TD instrument for analyzing up to 100 sorbent tubes.

In addition to this, a comprehensive range of bar-coded sorbent sampling tubes and Markes’ new Low-flow Sampling Pump, the ACTI-VOC, will be showcased. The new pump has been designed to deliver a constant flow rate, regardless of tube impedance, making it simple to set up and operate for field sampling.

Compact and lightweight, the new pump is also ideal for personal monitoring applications, and is small enough to fit into a shirt or jacket pocket.

Markes will exhibit the newly launched thermal desorption instruments and air sampling accessories on booth #4008, 4009 at PITTCON 2013, Philadelphia, PA, March 17–March 21, 2013.