Product News: New High-Throughput Kit from MO BIO Enables Rapid Release of DNA from Swabs

04 Oct 2013

The UltraClean-htp 96 Well Swab DNA Kit is designed for rapid mechanical lysis of microbial cells from low biomass and low inhibitor containing swabs, paper or filter paper for direct application to PCR for metagenomic analysis.

Swab DNA is ready to use for PCR in just 10 minutes!

• Rapid protocol - Release microbial DNA from 96 swabs in just 10 minutes
• Bead based homogenization - Increases DNA release in low biomass samples and ensures unbiased microbial DNA representation
• Ready to use - Solution can be applied directly to PCR for metagenomic analysis
• Flexible - Works with any PCR enzyme and master mix
Clean - Reagents are certified free of contaminants that may influence PCR results